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New Spoiler Reviews

March 22, 2014

There are three new Spoiler Reviews uploaded to Youtube. Links below:




Spoiler Review 4 – Call Of Duty, Black Ops 2

February 4, 2014

Another Spoiler Review on a certain popular game that every boy in the world has at least prestiged once in. Aidan hosts…


Spoiler Review 3 – The Hunger Games

February 2, 2014

This episode of Spoiler Review is hosted by Laura O’D and features the Hunger Games books trilogy.


Spoiler Review 2 – Hollister

February 2, 2014

The second episode of ‘Spoiler Review’ focuses on ‘Hollister’ and the world of retail.


Spoiler Review 1 – Tomatoes

February 2, 2014

This is the start of a brand new series of funny, short reviews that are either utterly pointless or immensely clever… You decide. Created by the original founding members of the Art Clast and OLSP Film Making groups I find that these little shorts are on par with material that is finding fame on YouTube and Vine. Artwork created in schools can be funny and the amount of thought, production, planning and skill to produce these little short reviews are just as respectable as time spent on a drawing or painting. In this first episode Bruce reviews tomatoes… Enjoy.


Dumbarton’s Dumbest Criminals

July 3, 2012

The short film below was created by one of my S1 classes. The pupils created masks to make a parody of ‘America’s Dumbest Criminals’. Thanks to their imagination and some excellent vocal skills. The film was created for a challenge based on crime and investigation. My pupils each created a crime profile like the one above and then all worked on the short film below. I’m so happy with the results, I hope you like them too.

The character shots showing the masks are below.

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No Knives, Better Lives

May 30, 2012

The OLSP Film Making Club have been working on this comedy short film for months. We decided to create a film to promote the ‘No Knives, Better Lives’ campaign. This parody of watching television was thought up when Laura O’D actually asked ‘Do ‘no knives’ make better lives? Do we not need knives?’. Of course this opened up a different method of filming and a different way of promoting the cause. I am sure that most short films created for the project feature some dark gritty images about someone stabbing someone else. The club thought that it would be interesting to turn it on it’s head. It looked at times when using knives were important for doing good and thought it important to promote that. The message, of course, is ‘we need knives, but we should be sensible with them’.

Let me know what you think of the film and if you found it funny and thought provoking or if you think the message is lost. Can awareness be introduced through humour? We thought so… We hope you do too.


The Perry Bible Fellowship

December 6, 2010

Nicholas Gurewitch is the creator of the Perry Bible Fellowship comic strips. The strips themselves are varied in style and nature, often black humoured and sometimes mature in content, they’re not always for everyone, but the ones I have featured here give an idea of how funny he can be without using shock tactics.

I first came across Nicholas’ work by accident, then shortly afterward, interviewed him for a blog I was writing for at the time. He has gone on to show the strip in multiple publications, including the Guardian newspaper and has even piloted some related animations for the BBC.

‘Rhino and Boy’ (above) is my favourite strip, I was able to get a signed limited edition copy from him that I still have to get round to framing. Nicholas decorated the tube with some of his ‘stickmen’ illustrations. It’s almost as amazing as the artwork it is protecting.

There are tonnes more strips over on the PBF site as well as two books that can be bought through Nicholas or Amazon. There are very few people that have moved on the comic strip from it’s generic three panel tradition, fortunately though, there are artists like Nicholas out there still pushing the boundaries of the art form.

Further reading:


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