Close To The Boyle Family

The final pieces below are the S2 outcomes from 2M (2007-08) at Gleniffer High School. The pupils took a street photo and made a 3D papier mache outcome on canvas stretchers. They named their pieces after streets in Paisley/Glenburn. The technique is similar to the techniques the Boyle family use when creating their relief work.

The pieces involve a great deal of techniques, the pupils had to learn simplification, collage, paint application, card cutting, relief building and dry brushing.


As an art teacher not on a full timetable or a supply teacher you will be faced with the dreaded ‘please take’. A please take is when you have to look after another class in a subject that may not be your own. Teachers have two ways of dealing with these classes, they can:

a) Tell all the pupils to be quiet and have them working some revision questions or watch a DVD.

b) Try and get involved in the subject and make a good lesson out of the circumstances.

I would usually go for the later. One method I have developed for involving myself into the subject is to get the pupils to actually teach you something about the subject. I would usually call this ‘Teach-as-sumphin’ or ‘Teach me something’.

This allows the pupils to pass on their knowledge back to the source. Teaching the teacher. It builds confidence skills, opens debate and you may even learn something you didn’t know. I would usually focus on the pupils that are the noisiest in the class during the please take. It soon quietens them down when they realise that being up front, writing on the board, is not that easy. Below you will find a whiteboard example of an S4 General Biology class.


Insect Chairs Unit Plan

Below you will find a typical layout for a unit plan. After all the practical elements have been thought up, and all the practical tasks have been tried and tested, the timing is arranged for each section of the lesson. This is by no means a great unit layout as there were serious timing issues when put into practice.

When starting teaching you must allow time and tasks for things to go too quickly or slowly… it means that teachers always create more prep than they need, but it is an easier job if they are prepared.

Insect Chairs Unit Plan

The above file is a Microsoft Word Document (.doc)

Mexican Puppet Quiz Sheet

Below you will find a simple quiz sheet covering simple critical aspects for S1 or S2 Mexican Art. The pupils should be shown elements of each of the artists contained (I mixed between Powerpoint presentation and art book resources). Using more than one critical artist allows the pupil to decide on which they like best and why they like the artist, allowing for a more diverse and personal response from each pupil.

Mexican Puppet Quiz Sheet