As an art teacher not on a full timetable or a supply teacher you will be faced with the dreaded ‘please take’. A please take is when you have to look after another class in a subject that may not be your own. Teachers have two ways of dealing with these classes, they can:

a) Tell all the pupils to be quiet and have them working some revision questions or watch a DVD.

b) Try and get involved in the subject and make a good lesson out of the circumstances.

I would usually go for the later. One method I have developed for involving myself into the subject is to get the pupils to actually teach you something about the subject. I would usually call this ‘Teach-as-sumphin’ or ‘Teach me something’.

This allows the pupils to pass on their knowledge back to the source. Teaching the teacher. It builds confidence skills, opens debate and you may even learn something you didn’t know. I would usually focus on the pupils that are the noisiest in the class during the please take. It soon quietens them down when they realise that being up front, writing on the board, is not that easy. Below you will find a whiteboard example of an S4 General Biology class.


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