Ya Big Showoff!


Yet another new feature (you thought it was just the two huh?), ‘Ya Big Showoff’ will preview teacher exemplars. An exemplar is a teacher’s example of what should be done. It will show the finest (hopefully) of teacher art and work used to inspire or introduce pupils to new units.

To start off, I’ll break the ice and show you the portrait exemplar I’m drawing for 3D (Gleniffer). It is an analytical tonal study of the face drawn in pencil. As the rest of 3D will tell you, it’s extremely hard to get the face proportions correct and takes a long time to tone. I have spent around 2 hours on this drawing so far, it will probably need another two to fix and finish.


Cow Parade Sculptures

The final cow sculptures look amazing. Although it was more difficult teaching the pupils to make every cow individual, it was worth it. The cows got an amazing response from all who saw them. Showing them at the Gleniffer final year show, a parent offered to buy Katherine‘s ‘Super Cow’ for £60. ‘Super Cow’ ended up being one of the major attractions of the parade, although I thought they were all amazing. It is really hard to pick a favourite.

Cow Parade Posters

Pupils from S1-S4 were asked to add colour and design to template posters for the Cow Parade. The Cow Parade was an exhibition of papier mache cow sculptures, in a similar vain to the California Cow Parade. The exhibition was to take place in the social area of Gleniffer High School, it would display the work of 2D and pupils also had the chance to get a free glass of milk.

Final Screams

After the Scream unit was completed, 2A peer marked each others work. They were asked to award each other points. The points were written on tickets, then each ticket was placed at a favourite work. Each pupil had to award ten points to their favourite piece, then nine points and so on until they gave out their last ticket which was a single point. The points were then counted up and three winners were chosen and framed.


Karen didn’t like her final piece. She couldn’t understand why I liked it. I like her choice of the pale green background, combined with the light blue of her skin. It makes you feel claustrophobic.


Rebekah’s work was my absolute favourite, looking at the face you can really see an element of sheer fear on her face. Good use of colours too. Rebekah and Karen were sitting opposite each other, so there are clear similarities (white mouth, pink hair), though there is something about this piece that stood out above all others.


Great use of colour on the face of Rebecca’s piece. Strong purples and blues add the look of worry.


Thomas has used red to emphase the danger in his piece. The hand slightly obscuring the face shows a fear and hiding, trying to protect himself. It’s a strong piece.


There’s a great expression on Blair‘s face, the use of cold blues and greens make the picture look very eerie. It’s as if he’s seen a ghost.


Although the proportions of Hayley‘s face are not perfect, she used a great deal of colour mixing to get that impressionistic effect. Hayley’s portrait was voted top by her classmates.


Nicole really hated this picture. She said it looked nothing like her and made her look extremely ugly. That may be the case, but I still like it’s quirkiness. There’s a kind of fun madness to it.


Gemma allowed me to keep this work, which I still have. I like the mix of attempts at 3D shading along with the flatness of the 2D shapes on the body and hand.


This pastel work of Crawford‘s is really spooky. The skin looks dead. It’s strange when you see such a cold blue in the background, but yet it’s the colour that stands out as being bright and warm… very weird. Carolanne‘s piece below is beautifully bright. It’s whiteness and cleanliness lends itself to the emotion of screaming or calling for help.


Below are the winning pieces framed, the winners; Hayley, Blair and Amber got to keep their artwork along with some congratulatory sweets.



2A (07-08) had to pose for these pastel drawings. They posed in various ways conveying fear, anger and happiness. They then had to pick their favourite from the three shots and provide a black and white pen and pencil study. After looking at some impressionist works, they then created a chalk pastel colour study. The aim was to focus on the emotion, rather than it being a realistic study. There were lots of successful pieces.