Great Portraiture

David from S3 has been working on a great self-portrait. There hadn’t been much going on with it at the beginning of the period (he had the frame and a few layout lines), I had even said that it had looked a bit ‘dead’ and ‘alien-like’ due to it’s perfect symmetry. All of a sudden (well… 40 mins later), I looked over and saw the drawing below. He really did a great job on it, and it’s ‘the spit’ of him…


2 thoughts on “Great Portraiture”

  1. Goodness, that’s amazing! He seemes really into his art! I was just looking at this site after Mr Dunlop told us about it in period 4 today at the end of the lesson and this caught my eye. It really is great, I hope to be as good one day.

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