‘Hatred Destroys All’ – A Holocaust Day Sculpture

2A (Gleniffer) have been working on a group sculpture for the Anti-Hatred/Holocaust Day competition ran by Renfrewshire Council. They made an interactive sculpture, it consists of 16 papier mache pebbles (to resemble the pebbles placed on a Jewish grave), stenciled with letters that read “Hatred Destroys All.” The observer is invited to re-arrange the letters, destroying the phrase.

2 thoughts on “‘Hatred Destroys All’ – A Holocaust Day Sculpture”

  1. Sadly we did not win the competition. Mrs O’Higgins class’ scooped it, along with Paisley Grammar. Well done to Mrs O’Higgins and her winning pupils. Can’t hide the fact that I’m gutted though… 😦

  2. To me, it looks like your class done a great job. You, your class and the other done it for the anti hatred day. Wither it was just to see who the winners would be or not, If you ask me, just compeating to win for something like the hatred/Holocaust is an lovely thing.
    (I know I sound cheesy, but thats just the way I see it 😀 )

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