Kirsten’s Sketchbook


Kirsten from S1 has spent a long time building up her sketchbook with lots of different drawings. She has created various animal characters, each with their own name and traits. Although her sketchbook contains mostly manga-esque drawings there are many tonal studies, structure studies, pattern and even some attempts of techniques learnt in art at school. Below are a few of my favourite pages from her book.




15 thoughts on “Kirsten’s Sketchbook”

  1. Ha! And I thought I was the only 1st year that liked Anime/Manga! I know the anime she is drawing about. I tried watching it but I stopped because It was getting too confusing for me, Too many different seasons for me to place in order. Anyway, I love the artwork and I hope she keeps up the good work!

  2. If you could bring your stuff in again Heather, it would be good to show it off on here.

  3. You really think so? I’d appreciate that alot, Mr Dunlop! Should I bring it in tomorrow? I have been wanting to bring in a few other things, but watching you rush around in class to get things done..I wouldn’t want to bother you.

  4. Ha Ha He Ha… my middle name is ‘rush around’… bring them in tomorrow.

  5. Ha, Mines is more like “Leave everything to the last minute then run around like a madman because you wont finish it in time”
    Okay, I will. Thank you, Mr Dunlop!

  6. Thanks for posting this Mr Dunlop, and I thought I was the only one lol. Now I know there is another 1st year and a 2nd year who have seen this anime, and my middle name is also like ”Leave everything to the last minute the run around like a crazy person, cause I won’t be finished on time” lol 🙂
    Also, my names spelled ‘Kirsten’ lol 😀

  7. Hey, it ain’t just first years who like anime/manga. I’ve been drawing it since about Primary 4 =). Check out my website (click on my name) to see some of my stuff.

  8. Ha, goodness. I’m really NOT the only one! I took a look at your DeviantART site, Ross. That’s some real talent you got there. I have a DA account to, but I have nothing posted on it due to my tablet breaking -sigh-
    And to Kirsten, good to know I’m also not the only one who leaves everything to the last minute. I really must get out of that habit, though!

  9. I’m a bit like that too. I’ve went through about four different backgrounds for my portrait! But then I decided on a Mario one. Because, you know, Mario rocks.

  10. It’s up. It’s a weird site that. Everyone is obsessed with drawing animals. A bit too cutesy for me, but I can still respect where it’s coming from. Thanks for the preview.

  11. Well Mr. Dunlop, I don’t draw animals, well actually I can’t draw animals! I prefer to draw people, but i can’t do faces too well! But Kirsten is brilliant at drawing those wolf-dog things.

  12. Hi everyone, merry Christmas! i’m glad everyone likes my doggies :), to be honest, these arn’t my best drawings, I’d say i have much better ones, but oh well, thanks for the comments 😀 P.S. I got a wacom intuos3 tablet for x-mas, and it’s awesome 😀

  13. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! And yep, we all love your canine drawing, Kirsten, I cant draw animals to well, I can do heads but im pretty bad at animal bodies! You got a wacom tablet? Thats great! I got a new tablet too (because my old one broke) but, sadly, my new one isnt working..never buy a tablet from!

  14. yep neva trust site with trust in them >3, I got mine from or sumthing like that, and it work awesomly

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