Zebra Lighting Design


Jordan from S4 has worked extremely hard on this first sheet for his intermediate design unit. His brief is to design a light for Edinburgh Zoo. He has chosen his source – a zebra, and has focused on its eyes, its distinctive stripe pattern and its mane. He is now working on 3D versions of his close-up studies, which is always a difficult task (changing flat 2D drawings into 3D models). His drawings are clean and well proportioned and he has explored different drawing styles, media and experimented with 3D paper engineering, making simple square samples. It’s for this very reason that Jordan deserves Artwork of the week.


One thought on “Zebra Lighting Design”

  1. Wow, thats totally amazing! I have always had an interest in zebras, but have never tried to draw one, I’ve tried horses, but failed, equine animals are extremely hard to draw, but Jordan has mastered it completely, well done! 😀

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