Manga Mania

We have a great selection of work from home this week, from not just one but three pupils! There are a great deal of pupils influenced by Japanese artwork (and specifically Japanese cartoon and comic art – ‘Manga’), I felt an interest towards Manga some years ago. The differences in cultural references, jokes, and methods of drawing really appealed to me, as it has for the following pupils…

First up we have several drawings by Billy and coloured by John (S2) . I recognise the characters from Dragonball Z, so their likeness is great. It’s always hard to draw a recognisable character and get away with it if it isn’t completely correct. It can end up looking like it’s been ‘run over’ or been washed full spin at 90º.  So Sean has done a great job to capture the likeness and style of the series.




Shannon (S2) gave The Art Classroom an old sketchbook to air. There were so many great images inside that it was tough to choose a few. There was a nice mix of costume design and character design on various papers in a wide range of different media. Below are some of my favourites from the book…




Last, but not least is Heather’s (S1) huge output of work. Heather draws her own Manga comics with characters she has created. She plans the story, the dialogue and the layout of the panels. It’s interesting to see the process in action from the character creation to the plot development.  Heather gave over her sketchbook and a folder worth of drawings, a few of my favourites are shown below…





8 thoughts on “Manga Mania”

  1. Thanks for posting my artwork up on the site, Mr Dunlop! Looking at my artwork makes me cringe, the folder I gave you with the small comic in it was round about the time i just started drawing manga about 2 years back, haha.

  2. Ahh! The shame! I don’t even like most of my drawings. I can’t believe you like my drawings, most of them are faceless phantoms (I can’t draw faces small scale). I only like my colourful ninja, Hee Hee, she has purple hair.

  3. Nice Okami pic!

    I have a huge backlog of stuff I’ve drawn, but there’s no way I’m bringing it into school!

    Heather, if you want a great place to post your comics, I would recommend
    as long as you know how to scan them in and save them as .png files, you should be fine.

    And Mr. Dunlop, the Okami Amaterasu pic is the main character of the videogame Okami.

  4. Thanks for the site, Ross! Thats really helpfull! Ive been looking for a site to post my comics but i havnt gotten round to doing that, thanks for doing it for me, Haha!

  5. lol, Heather, I just realised that that picture you done, the one called Mute was a front cover (just saw the ‘Volume 1’ xD

  6. Mmhm, that’s right xD. That was a short comic I was planning to do, but later on relized that one of my other online friends where making a comic with a similar storyline, so decided not too, I think of most of my ideas at school actualy, its amazing how standing in a corner of the social area playing around with my phone hoping those pack of jackals dont bother me can help me think xD

  7. Wow, Heather they are really amazing! We wish we could draw like that. Manga is really good, it must be really hard to get the expressions perfect, and it must take a long time. Good job 🙂

  8. Lol, I kind of just sit there and doodle, and if I make up a good character, I make a comic… thing for them. lol, or I just take two animes and merge them xD

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