Ya Big Showoff!


Yet another new feature (you thought it was just the two huh?), ‘Ya Big Showoff’ will preview teacher exemplars. An exemplar is a teacher’s example of what should be done. It will show the finest (hopefully) of teacher art and work used to inspire or introduce pupils to new units.

To start off, I’ll break the ice and show you the portrait exemplar I’m drawing for 3D (Gleniffer). It is an analytical tonal study of the face drawn in pencil. As the rest of 3D will tell you, it’s extremely hard to get the face proportions correct and takes a long time to tone. I have spent around 2 hours on this drawing so far, it will probably need another two to fix and finish.


8 thoughts on “Ya Big Showoff!”

  1. Woah, Mr Dunlop, that’s a real nice piece of art you drew there. Im pretty sure your an insparation to all of us on this site, after seeing this new feature, And idea came to mind.
    I was thinking maybe you can make a feature to digital art. Like, you can make a spare email (using Hotmail. E.g: TheArtClassroom@hotmail.co.uk) so that people who have a tablet or is good with the mouse that go to Gleniffer can send in art that they have done on the computer through that email. Thats just what I think, though.

  2. that sounds like a good idea to me, seen as most of my work will be done on my laptop, as I now had a wacom tablet

  3. yes! because it would be much easier than printing it out and bringing it into school, too much work lol

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