Gleniffer On Saatchi

Glennifer High School now features on the Saatchi Gallery. Saatchi for Schools holds a yearly competition with great monetary prizes, so I will be building up Gleniffer’s art bank on the gallery to help our chances of a win. It is fairly unlikely, as it looks like it’s mainly London schools that benefit from it, though it is a good output for the Art Department. I’ve only placed three of my own pupil’s work on there to set up the account, but check back again for work from pupils that attend/attended the classes of Mrs McLafferty, Miss Peden, Mrs O’Higgins and Mrs McAlinden.

Gleniffer On Saatchi

Feeling Slugish



With Artwork of the Week all caught up and back to normal again, it’s nice to introduce you to some work from Emma in S2. Emma has been working on a co-ordinate to form a pattern, which she will later photoshop onto wallpaper or textiles. The pattern is based on a slug photograph. It is influenced by the work of the Timorous Beasties (a small textile design company founded in Glasgow). Emma is currently working on vines that will add a little harmony to her slugs, her gastropod mollusks stand out due to her use of thick bold lines around the outside and neat details on the interior. She has currently pencilled the vines and is adding colour and contrast to them by darking them down with a fine blue notewriter. A fine piece of pattern.

Remembering Everything That Has Gone Before


It is always a good idea to revisit what you have covered in class via mind mapping and brainstorming. In groups of three or four,  the pupils can help each other draw and write as many things they have learnt in Art (per term or year) as they can. Not only does it highlight the things that the pupils remember, it also highlights things you may have missed or shows how much or how little influence you have had on them. I have found that this works particularly well with S1 and S3, but have had little success with S2 and S4.

Materials needed for class of 20:

5 packs of Fine Berol Pens (one between four)

5 packs of Broad Berol Pens (one between four)

5 A2 white cartridge pages (one between four)

An exemplar can be made, though showing it will give away valuable points that you may want pupils to remember themselves.


Pupils should write ‘Everything we have learnt in Art’ and write their names around the edge of the page. Doodling of related pictures should be allowed and promote using colour and different fonts and styles. There should be no ‘right way up’ for the page and all pupils should be involved in adding information and pictures.

Pastel Cast


Cast your eyes on this piece by Heather in S1. She had these oil pastels and this pastel pad and thought she’d try out a few ideas. Pastels are very tough to use and Heather has tried hard, fighting against the pad’s textured paper and trying to keep control of the oil pastel’s sliding and inconsistent drawing tip. I like the theme of the work, it looks cold and dreary, the tree appears to be screaming through the blizzard. I have seen a few of Heather’s works before and they always seem to be of a single dramatic moment, so it makes me wonder what has just happened or what is just about to happen?


Like Staring Into A Mirror


Katherine from S3 has just finished her tonal study for her first sheet of her portrait unit (Intermediate 2). The study was completed in HB pencil and is entirely hand drawn. Her style is very light, focused, with each line carefully considered and she has spent around 6 – 8 periods to achieve it to this standard. Although it reminds me a little of a Victorian doll’s face or Japanese Noh masks, it’s this style that makes it really stand out for me. It’s not exactly photographic, and by not being so, it offers to tell us more than any photo of Katherine ever could. A marvellous piece of expressive portraiture.


Do Judge A CD By Its Cover


Due to the Christmas holidays ‘Artwork of the Week’ suffered a few absences, so here’s the first of two in a row to catch up. The CD Cover below was drawn and  coloured by Shannon from S1. She had  been absent for a few crucial periods in school, so she took her work home to finish it, and thank goodness she did, when she brought the piece back in completely finished, it looked amazing. The cover is changeable, either the tiger fur or the snake skin can be used as the front of the booklet.  Great detail and use of tone.