I know what you’re thinking… It’s been around three hours since you’ve seen new Manga-esque drawings on here. You’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms aren’t you? Well don’t cry just yet, I have a few pieces to keep you nourished for a while. These few sketches are from Hannah in S4. Her skills are not just based around her manga drawings, so it’s a bit weird just posting one type of style from her. I’m not too sure of the origin of these drawings, though I can admire the work that went into them. I’ll maybe post a few of her realistic studies to show you the extent of her range. You can enjoy these for now though.



I’m going to calm the Manga drawings for a while and try and put up a variety of ‘homework’ that includes pattern making and portraiture. If you’ve got anything you’d like to show off on the blog, you can let me know. Heather from S1 suggested that I set up an email for you to send your digital images to. I’ll set that up this week and inform you of the address as soon as it’s created.

11 thoughts on “Mangalore”

  1. Oh, gee. I had no idea Manga was THAT popular.
    Hannah’s drawing are from Dragon Ball Z, right? I think that’s Goku as Super Sayen or something, I dunno, I’ve never took much interest in it, I like her drawings, shes good with fan art, unlike myself, I don’t do to well with copying features of another character I prefer to make my own, heh.
    Ah, Spirited away, I remember that, I watched it a few years ago and again a few months ago, I cried at the end of it… I always do with movies. I like her pens, they seem rather professional. I’ve been trying to collect my own lately, but I still cant seem to use them right, heh. The picture beside it is a ‘Neko’. I’m not quite sure which one but it’s quite popular in Anime, Humans with cat ears and tails- something like that.
    The other ones are from ‘Fruits Basket’. By far the best Anime ever and the Anime that got me into Anime.
    And thank you for taking note of my suggestion!

  2. Aww thanks a bunch, it is weird looking at my drawings on here:D Heather is right they are from Dragonball Z and the first is Gohan as a super saiyan and as you said the second is Goku as super saiyan 🙂 But thanks again for putting them up 😀

  3. Wow, this is weird, looking at my drawings on here. But Heather is right they are both from Dragonball Z the first being Gohan as a super saiyan and Heather was right again about the second drawing with it being Goku as a super saiyan. 🙂 Thanks for putting the drawings up 😀

  4. Heya, it’s me. Oh, the horror. 😛

    Anyway… Hannah’s drawings are Son Gohan and Son Goku from Dragon Ball.

    And spread the word to all of your fellow art teachers: they all pronounce “manga” wrong. It’s “MAHN-ga”, not “MAAN-ga”. As art teachers, this mispronounciation annoys me more than it usually does. 😡

    And, just to be nitpicky, manga is not a “style” of drawing, it’s simply comics that originate in Japan. A manga could look like Scooby-Doo, but it would still be manga if it originated in Japan.

    You just got pwned, Mr D. 😛

  5. The air must be very thin way up there on your pedestal Mark…

    “Manga (in kanji 漫画; in hiragana まんが; in katakana マンガ, Manga?) Manga.ogg listen (help·info), pronounced /ˈmɑŋgə/, are comics and print cartoons (sometimes also called komikku コミック), in Japanese and conforming to the style developed in Japan in the late 20th century.”


  6. You know i have never heard of Spirited Away, i read only read Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Deathnote, Inuyasha, Fruit Baskets, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Full Metal Alcamest…
    Just showing off all my manga, lol! 😀

  7. I’ve visited your a couple of times Ross?! I don’t really get it, so I haven’t mentioned it. Just old I guess. Also… you’ve never given me anything to put up here? Why don’t you bring stuff in and let me have a look. We’ll see if it’s worthy. 😉

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