Days Of The Dead – Top 6 Skeletons

Below is a selection of my very favourite skeletons made for Days of the Dead. I know I shouldn’t do the whole ‘favourite’ thing, but the following few sculptures are the ones that I wish that I had made, or really want to keep. Unfortunately, they’ll be all going back to their rightful owners tomorrow.


Black Magic by Sarah is fantastically smooth. Sarah’s application of papier mache and paint was controlled and well thought out. The colour works really well and her skeleton has an air of sadness around him. It’s a really beautiful piece.


Gaara by Shannon is a mixture of cultures. It merges Japanese culture with Mexican tradition. I didn’t know the character that Shannon had based it on, though when I saw the image of him, I was amazed at Shannon’s attention to detail. The skeleton’s outfit and hair are cleverly crafted, along with his ‘gourd’ at his feet. Though I feel that it’s maybe his huge hands that make the piece for me.


Mr & Mrs by Rachel and Beth is a great joint effort. Both the girls decided that they would combine their works to make a dead married couple. The dead bride and groom is a often used image in Mexican tradition. Skeletons are usually just doing what normal people do. Beth brought in the lace for her gown, and the flower details are scrunched tissues. The boxes are finished with gold wire and bell decals.


Jake The Funeral Director by Louise. I’ve just recently written about him as he featured as Artwork of the Week. Here’s another lovely photo of him though, for you to savour.


Alfie (El Mariachi) by Jessica was featured as Artwork of the Week many weeks ago when this blog was just started. At that time the box had been painted and the body made, though he didn’t have the character he has now. Dressed as a traditional Mariachi with fiddle in hand, he just looks so frustrated at his own playing ability. His huge eyes helps add great depth to his face. An amazing finish to his hat and instrument make this little sculpture look like something that should be treasured. I’m sure it will be.


The Artist by Chelciann was the first skeleton finished. Chelciann basically lead the way for the pupils adapting the skeletons to their own ideas. Her themed boxed and skeleton was her own choosing. The skeleton’s apron is made from a paper towel and his little pallette and brush are made from cardboard and papier mache. He has a great face and his head is finished off with a little tilted beret. A well executed and detailed piece of work.

2 thoughts on “Days Of The Dead – Top 6 Skeletons”

  1. You know my skeleton is named Gaara, but i was off when they named them. -___-. And i was off for the day of the dead too, D’oh >.<.
    Wish i was there…

  2. That’s easily fixed. It’s a shame that you happened to have missed two important days, though it can happen. Whatever he was called on the day, he still got a lot of attention.

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