‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Movie Poster


S1 created movie posters in January ’08 for the upcoming Spike Jonze film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak book. I really loved this book as a child and when I first heard about the film, I thought that nothing was sacred anymore. Having seen a few stills and heard about its complications to get it looking exactly right (it was meant to have been released in October ’08), I’m sure that it will only bring interest to the book and introduce more children to a great, dark monster story.


The S1 pupils created a starry sky with moon background with white and colour pencil on black sugar paper, they then created their own foliage, light-boxed a title and added colour and then finally attached the credits.


The film is scheduled for an October ’09 release, so the S1 pupils have designed a poster for a film that hasn’t even had paid designers working on it yet. They did a great job.


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