Capturing Colour

showoffOne of the toughest things to do with colouring pencil is actually get a good colour match to whatever you are drawing. This is usually down to having limited pencils. You could have a set of eight or a set of twenty four, either way, your pencil will never truly match the colour you need. There are several tricks of the trade that could help you achieve better successes with you colouring… view and read on.

There are a few rules you should follow when working with Colour pencils:

  1. Work on a coloured paper, preferably a smooth thick card (brown, blue or green).
  2. Draw guide lines and lay out in white, while you’re doing that you should white in any highlights.
  3. Build your colour up in layers, always have at least three different colour pencils to hand. Swap and alternate between them.
  4. Try to avoid using black, darken reds with greens which gives a warm shaded tone and use brown on blues to get a natural grey.
  5. Work on the colour until it forms a marble-esque texture. It should be smooth to the touch and feel a little like a pebble.
  6. Tone is the key. Never just colour flat shapes. Pure coloured shapes will flatten your drawing.
  7. Spend time on it. Observe. Work on it until your finished. If you let it sit, you’ll never finish it.

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