Cheer Leading The Way



This week’s joy comes from Chelsea in S3. She’s working towards finalising her Intermediate 2 Expressive Unit. This is a full colour pencil study for her second sheet. She was having trouble trying to capture the sparkles on the cloth behind her shoe, baton and medal, though I think she’s done a great job in capturing the moment. It’s a lot more interesting to look at than my boring photograph resource of her stuff. The pencil strokes give it character, the contrast of the dark shoe against the bright glittery skirt dances infront of your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Cheer Leading The Way”

  1. Wow This is really nice. So is this 3rd year Secondary School yeah? I love the glittery cloth. Nice effect!

  2. It is Jo yes. Chelsea is currently sitting her Intermediate 2 – 1st Year. She is quite a focused worker and has put a lot of time and effort into this study.

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