‘Twilight’ Zone



This week’s ‘A.O.T.W’ comes from Jennifer in S2. She attends Mrs McAlinden’s art class (a first for this art blog – a student who is not in my class). I have been made aware that the theme of this strange mask is taken from ‘Twilight’, though I have to admit that I hate the idea of ‘Twilight’ and refuse to find out more.

The mask is tremendously well painted with nicely cut chess pieces at the top of the face. It bears a ribbon that merges nicely into the painted face, who’s gold eyes stare intensely at the observer. Two silver lined hands emerge from the head holding a luscious apple. A beautifully made piece of art.

6 thoughts on “‘Twilight’ Zone”

  1. Hey Mr D, Ross Brennan here. Was just browsing through the archives, and it’s good to find another person who hates Twilight 😛

  2. I love how you put in the bit about how you hate it and “refuse to find out more” – terrific word choice.

  3. Sorry… you know I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to my arts. It’s not ‘being lazy’ when you ignore (or avoid) certain art-forms. It’s ‘creative selection’. Well that’s my excuse anyway…

  4. Hey. This is mine :L I don’t even like it. I was so obsessed with twilight….My other ideas were “the joker” and a wee guy in jail… I think my 3d bird was better…t’was a bumble-bird.

  5. What do you mean you don’t like it?! It’s really well done Jennifer. I don’t even like ‘Twilight’, it still impressed me. So far, you are the only pupil to receive an ‘Artwork of the Week’ from me and I’m not your teacher… You must be doing something right.

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