Robyn’s Unicorns




For years, throughout the early nineties until now, Unicorns were something to be embarrassed by. Their over-use on crass t-shirts and in cartoons such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and as toys (‘My Little Pony’ and ‘Rainbow Brite’) in the eighties and nineties had made them something to avoid. They were found hovering on horrible pastel coloured sweaters, grazing on the backs of black bomber jackets and running over water on Athena posters.

Surprisingly, unicorns are making a comeback. They have been painted recently by numerous new york artists (Garcia, Baseman) and are more than a fad on the international ‘Boing Boing’ news. I’m sure that Robyn from S2 is not aware of this increasing re-found interest, though tackles the subject through her own personal interest and on her own terms.

Unicorns are tough to draw, it’s challenging to draw horses and get the proportions of the head and legs to torso correct. Robyn succeeds in doing this. I’m not saying I understand why things that were kitsch and trashy have regained a new found respect again, but I can appreciate the skills Robyn has delivered trying to capture the fantastical.

2 thoughts on “Robyn’s Unicorns”

  1. Woah……I hate drawing animals i can’t do it…Well I can draw parrots, but Robyn is so~o Goo~ood at it, I’ll need to tell her that tomorrow…^^

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