How To Start A Sketchbook


Louise from S2 hasn’t had her sketchbook for long, though she’s starting to fill it pretty quickly.


It’s often hard to start off a sketchbook as you cannot be too sure how the pages of the book should look. I often find that if you start off your sketchbook somewhere in the middle, to gain confidence working on each page before returning to the beginning, you’ll end up with a more attractive book. You want the first few and last few pages of your book to be spectacular, firstly to draw the viewer in, then leave them with something to remember.


Try to treat your sketchbook like a diary and aim to fill it a page a day or a page a week. Keep a routine or a schedule. You must aim to fill the book though, the last thing the world needs is another nearly blank sketchbook with 3 or 4 pages drawn on.


Thanks to Louise for letting me use her sketchbook as an example. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see more of your sketchbooks soon.

3 thoughts on “How To Start A Sketchbook”

  1. I didnt look at these tips before starting my sketchbook!!!
    I started on the second page, because I didnt know what to have as my sort of “opening art”
    anyway I think it looks okay

  2. Soz I ve just read that last bit of my comment and it sounds like I said Kirsten book was okay.
    I think Kirsten art is great!
    I meant my sketchbook looked okay.

  3. Laura C, I first read your comment in the way you meant: that *your* sketchbook looks okay. 🙂

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