Shannon’s Sketchpad



Shannon‘s (S2) sketchpad is full of pastel drawings of various themes. Below I have added some of my favourite pages from the book. It’s difficult for most pupils to work on a large scale, so it is refreshing to see these large colourful images.



The parrot, Shannon’s own favourite image from the sketchpad, is marvelously applied. It shines with colour, it’s highlighted tones dazzle the eye. The background pattern of canopy leaves is purposefully flat, though it works as a discrete backdrop to the tropical bird. Great work.


2 thoughts on “Shannon’s Sketchpad”

  1. That parrot is good. I think the branch it is on should be brighter as it’s hard to see. I only write that because the parrot is really good.

  2. That’s really impressive for S2 (no way could I of done that back then!) Love the parrot, beautiful (:

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