Big Issues

Rachel from S4 got the chance to attend the Big Issue for her work experience after I’d arranged it through my sources. She left such a big impression that the Editor had stated that ‘she was one of the best work experience assistants that we’ve ever had’. I was so amazed receiving the feedback from her stay. She not only impressed the Big Issue staff by resourcing a lot of the photos for the issue, she also got a ‘by line’. I’m told that this is a very rare occurrence. A photo of Rachel’s article ‘The Real Lost World’ is below. Congratulations Rachel. You did me proud.


2 thoughts on “Big Issues”

  1. ha ha… You’ve actually caused the Big Issue to consider getting young people in to edit and write the magazine in September. If you’re interested in going back could you email me at with the age you’ll be in September and the District where you live (they’re looking for a wide scattering of Scottish pupils up to 16). Can’t promise anything but I know you would do a great job again.

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