Eternal Childhood



A very early ‘Artwork of the Week’ this week. Kate from S1 has spent the past month working on a submission for the ‘Young Brits at Art’ competition. Her idea was simple in its production, though contains many meaningful things about what it is like to grow up in Great Britain.

Kate’s piece suggests that she is greatly effected by world dominating things. Mainly big american products such as Disney, iPods and Jelly Bellys. These products are not held back by a nation’s boundaries, they effect everyone in the western world, if not the civilised world.

She suggests that these are things that keep you young. By owning these things we are somehow holding back old age. These items are the fountain of youth. This is also a suggestion of something that will be remembered. Unlike our grandparents who usually remember events or social meetings from their past, modern children remember things like TV programs, TV ads and games. They will remember products that they had owned or wanted.

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