Face It

A lot of my S2 classes are currently working on a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ book cover unit. They’ve had to draw their own faces from a black and white portrait (no tracing or griding). A tough challenge, though after a few periods, the work is starting to look interesting. The work below is by Heather from 2N, Heather was just about to glue her ‘Hyde side’ down over half of her portrait, so I thought it was important to get a photograph of it before it was changed forever.


For those that didn’t want to draw themselves, I gave a picture of myself (I’m not that bigheaded, other people were asked, but they refused to let me use their image, which is understandable). Even though I have an ugly face, the pupils have managed to produce unique, stylised and beautiful artworks. Below is one of my favourites; Shannon from 2C has not been in the class long, but is starting to stand out through her style and focus. There is a lot of tonal detail lost in the photograph, but Shannon’s angular drawing style makes the face look intense and somewhat frightening. The clumped hair helps add to the strangeness… I don’t know why, but the image reminds me of threatening Manchester bands from the nineties, like Oasis or the Verve.



At Shannon’s table TJ is a little further on (above). He has finished his self portrait and is currently using oil pastels to make a Picasso-esque rendition of his ‘Hyde side’. Most good portraits for this project will look older than the pupil. It’s to make the cover more believable, as Jekyll was an adult scientist.

One thought on “Face It”

  1. Heather’s drawing is really life like. I’m sure shes not as worried or old in real life as she is S2. The face makes the art really sad though. I think if you were turning into a monster you would be sad. Jeckyl turns into a monster – right?

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