Not Something To Hyde



Rachel in S2 has created an inventive title for her Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book cover. The ‘Jekyll’ is written a neat script font with a classic ampersand (&) following. ‘Hyde’ is written in a font similar to the Evil Dead titles with blood spattered inside. The spatters are made with a fine red berol marker, each little spatter is a small circle that sprays out to ever decreasing circles. I like how Rachel has used the fonts to her advantage, telling the story of the classic book through the text. The minimal use of colour makes the title stand out. We have become so used to using Microsoft Word for type and font writing that drawing titles is becoming a dying art… It’s good to see that pupils like Rachel can keep the skill alive and show its worth.




Rachel A has been finalising her Design Unit for her Art & Design (Int 2) Qualification. A piece of lighting based on a Cobra, the light is aimed to illuminate an Info. Room at Edinburgh Zoo. Correctly themed and well constructed, the ‘snake light’ has been attracting lots of attention from pupils.


Rachel, along with a few of her classmates, has had to put a great deal of time and effort in to produce an outcome of this quality. Class time is simply not long enough to produce something of this standard. Rachel has attended Thursday night extra-curricular support classes since October, building structures, experimenting with the opacity of materials, paper manipulation, wire modelling, cutting and gluing, painting and  papier-mache.



It is for this very reason that Rachel deserves ‘Artwork of the Week’, well that, and the fact that this is a beautiful piece of sculpture too.