Take 2


Natasha (S3) has worked extremely hard this year, experimenting and bettering her skills. She is so positive, focused and pushing lots of effort into getting her work to be the best it can be.

Sometimes it can be a difficult decision to see that something is not working out and to re-start it.

Natasha had decided that her final piece was going to be created on hand-made scraper board. The initial drawings had been made and she had traced them and transferred them to card. Colouring had began, it was starting to come together.

The Old One


After working for some time on this piece (around 2-3 hours), Natasha had started to realise that she had maybe made some wrong decisions; her composition was a little off (the figure was too high on the page), the colours were too distracting and she had used a metallic crayon on the face that was an interesting idea at the time, but hence completion made the piece look a little unconnected and busy. All these factors made Natasha realise that it was wise to cut her losses and start fresh.

The composition was redone, harmonizing colours were used to make the figure appear more ‘together’ and the colouring had greater and smoother coverage with neater edges. It was inked and scraped. Stained glass shapes were cut out for a dramatic background.

Natasha’s new final piece is extremely interesting. How the colours interact, the textures of the paper and ink used (including the way it has been scraped) and the theme of this bored figure infront of stained glass windows. A well earned ‘Artwork of the Week’.

The New One


4 thoughts on “Take 2”

  1. A lot better… the fact that you pre-planned the stained glass window out beforehand really helped too.

  2. You’re right Ross. The only major worry now is time. If only there were a way to stop it…

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