Inside Their Sketchbooks


We have two sketchbooks this weekend. The first is from Heather M (S1) and contains a majority of pastel pieces. Pastels are extremely hard to control, they are thick, dusty or oily and blunt very easily, so by continuing to practice and create, Heather is bettering her skills. She has been previously featured on The Art Classroom  here, though she continues to expand her sketchbook and add sketches with different styles and emotions.



The second sketchbook is from David S (S1). David works mainly in ‘B’ pencils creating quick observational sketches like the ones below; A surveilance camera at a supermarket, a vase of flowers and a trainer.




4 thoughts on “Inside Their Sketchbooks”

  1. Oh how I love Oil Pastels, ^^ I like how Heather has actual Pastel paper ^^; unlike me.. Well, I think it is pastel paper, it has a texture to it but i am not so sure from the pictures *shrug* 😛 Lolz ^^

    I also liked her like screaming tree picture that she had on the site earlier ^^ Nice how the fog only floats along the bottom of the tree… ^^

    I hate it when Pastels blunt out or break or crumble; it annoys me to no end…

    And David’s quick drawings are also very good ^^
    I don’t like to leave anyone out XDDD Lolz..^_^

  2. Nice of you to comment Shannon, thanks. You’re right, Heather does work in a Pastel sketchpad. It is textured, though the paper looks quite waxy and very tough to work on, which is why a lot of the paper shows through… Though I quite like that. Her tree was good.

    I’m sure David is happy for the feedback too…

    By the way… Where’s my parrot? ha ha.

  3. How did i know you were gonna go on about that 😛 Lolz..^^ well i dunoo where it is *shrug* It will be lost forever..and i am happy about that ^^ 😀

    Oh i am so nice..^^ it was onli good coz everyone else are not used to drawing digitally..otherwise there’s would also be good ^^

  4. hehe I love sketchbooks.
    I started mine yesterday I think. :S
    I have a picture of a red panda in it, and some other stuff.
    Quite happy with it so far! 😀

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