See-Through Me



Creeping into the Summer Holidays, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to Heather’s (S3) final piece for her expressive intermediate unit. Painted with powder block paints, Heather had spent a lot of classroom time (as well as lunch times and after school) to get this image ‘expressive and right’. The colours are similar to those used by artist Jenny Saville, though the style is much more impressionistic. Heather was not concerned with realistic or ‘correct’, the image was more about capturing a weird moment, a moment of self reflection or thought. The right eye gives us a sense of strangeness, something abstract, peering through the hand reminding us of Peek-a-boo games or hide and seek. An image that has been used quite regularly in Japanese cinema in films like ‘The Grudge’ or ‘Shutter’.

The background is printed with polystyrene tiles, the blue halo around the portrait bringing out the blue tints in the skin, reminding us of veins showing through. It makes us realise that our skin is see-through… we are transparent, we cannot hide behind make-up and clothes… nor behind our hands.

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