Quality Over Quantity


Now that it’s hit the Summer Holidays a lot of you will probably not even be reading this anymore. You’ll be switched off from school and switched on to television, or dragged off to some foreign land. While you are all enjoying this very short time of being completely responsibility free, please remember those of you that are working. Like Katherine M, many S3 pupils will be trying to complete some of the work they didn’t get finished in normal class time due to their aim for quality and detail. Most units will fit into the time allowed, though a few will have many more hours of work needed to complete.

I do understand what’s going through the heads of those pupils, as I continually work through. I do not shut off. If you let things drift away from you, especially for seven weeks, you can become rusty and then it’s a challenge to get back to the same mind state you were before you started getting lazy. Here’s some advice for all the pupils that have work to complete over the summer.

1) Shorts frequent bursts, an hour every few days works best. Work completed in one long haul can sometimes look terrible after a few days… you won’t have noticed the drop in quality due to sitting down too long with the piece and it becomes too familiar.

2) Try and get the work completed earlier rather than later. The sooner you complete the work, the better you will feel having done it. Don’t leave it to the night before returning.

3) It is not a bad thing to be slow, but remember that the stress will be greater when aiming for the absolute best you can achieve. No artwork will ever be finished, you need to decide when you have had enough. Artwork morphs and changes, you could work on a piece for the rest of your life if you wished… but don’t.

4) Lighten the mood, art does not have to be completed on a dining room table in the dark while you’re feeling depressed. Listen to music, do it in the sun, while talking with friends. All you need is your materials and a sturdy surface (a piece of board or a tray might suffice), art should be enjoyable.

5) Don’t stress and rush your work to finish it… ‘all good things comes to those who wait’.

One thought on “Quality Over Quantity”

  1. Heh, I tend to always work in short bursts of inspiration, then leave it for a while, then go at it again.

    Oh yeah, Mr D, something you might be interested in… I’m making a game :O

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