Pretty / Ugly



It’s been very strange that Beth W has not had an Artwork of the Week yet, she made an amazing sports collage that was exhibited in Paisley Museum, she created a great Skeleton Bride for the Day of the Dead and never seems to do any wrong, her work is flawless. It is for this reason that I have had to acknowledge Beth now, even if it is a little late.

Beth decided not to keep her artwork which has been very beneficial to the school and myself. Her sports collage and skeleton sculpture are decorating the art corridor wall, while her Jekyll and Hyde book (above) is now part of my own growing collection of strong pupil work.

So why do I like this cover so much? The pencil side is beautifully sketched, in fact it almost made Beth and I cry when we had to cut it in half for the cover. The depth of the eye along with the shadowing around the nose makes the portrait very intense. Although the drawing looks at lot older than Beth, its resemblance is accurate. The monster side is disturbingly simplistic, its stretched nose and bloodshot eye show a diseased and unhappy Hyde rather than a strong, cliched one. The type is also cleanly cut after many attempts.

I don’t understand why Beth chooses not to keep her own work, though I’m glad, for my benefit, that that is her choice.

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