Customised Rockband Drumsticks Competition


This is the first ever ‘The Art Classroom’ competition and being a little bored over the summer holidays I decided to jazz up some boring Rockband Drumsticks. The Drumsticks themselves are official Rockband sticks, the logos are partially hidden with artwork, though be assured that they are the real deal. Each stick is individually customised with unique artwork, hand-drawn with permanent markers, sharpies and permanent inks. The left stick reveals a hand reaching from the flames towards skulls emerging from the smoke, it’s tip oozes black ink, dripping down the shaft. The right stick shows a skeletal hand, like a gruesome x-ray.




So you may be asking how you win this quirky prize. It’s easy, just answer the two questions below in an email to including your name and address with its postcode by the 1st August 2009.

Competition Questions:

1) When you mix the three primary colours in equal portions you get a tertiary colour. What is the name of this colour?

2) Which Rock Band performed the awesome hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?

The Small Print:

• BOTH answers must be emailed to along with your NAME and posting ADDRESS (include postcode).

• All answers must be received before 12pm on 1st August 2009, any received after this date will not be included.

• The winner will be chosen by random from the correct entries received.

• The prize will be posted before or on 4th August 2009 and will be sent to the winners address via recorded Royal Mail post.

• The Rockband Drumsticks may wear or smudge with use.

• The Art Classroom has the right to inform others of your win.

• Your email, address or other details will not be used outside of the competition. All entries and details will be erased after the winner has received their prize.

• The winner will be notified after 6pm on the 1st August 2009 via email.

• There is no age restriction.


4 thoughts on “Customised Rockband Drumsticks Competition”

  1. Awesome idea for a competition! I myself used a set of Sharpies to customise my DS once, but they kinda faded away XD

    I want to enter this one… but I don’t know the answer to the primary colour question 😦


    The most commonly accepted primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow, but for printing purposes, the three primary colours are cyan, magenta and yellow, whereas in the spectrum of light, red, blue and green are the primary colours.

    So there are three possible answers there 😛 Now you have to give me the drumsticks for being such a smart-alec 😛

  2. Also, I would have no use for the sticks, because I don’t own Rock band. So I’ll sit this one out until someone who actually could put the prize to use comes along.

  3. You just resolved your own argument… I didn’t ask for the three ‘printing’ primary colours or the primary colours of a spectrum… I would also say that when those colours are mixed anyway, you’ll get the same answer. What colour do you get when you mix the three primary colours in equal portions… (can’t believe you Googled the primary colours as well Ross… shame on you… ha ha).

  4. Did not! 😛

    And you probably would get the same colour anyway. But not for light’s primary colours. That gives the complete opposite of what you’re looking for as an answer 😛

    I’m learning basic colour theory according to a site I found. It lets you mix any Games Workshop colour using primary colours, black and white. Saves me buying a whole pot of paint for something I would only use once or twice. Wish I’d though of that before I bought Scorpion Green 😦

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