A Busy Summer

Carrying on this blog’s big obsession with the hype around Jessica‘s ‘Young Brit’ win, many of you may not have been aware of Jessica’s appearances in various media since her win. We’ll start with with the smallest first; Jessica had a page feature in the Gleniffer High School Newsletter as well as her Gold Award achievement.


Then following on the knowledge that Jessica had reached into the Top Ten entries in the country, she was then interviewed by the Herald. The photographer managed to capture an absolutely brilliant photograph of Jessica, relating it to her artwork, she sits underneath an umbrella, which lends itself for a nice juxtaposition (relating to/comparing) to the broad lines of the house roof.


And lastly, Jessica was given a whole page feature in the Paisley Express. It contains a great interview with Jessica, some stupid words from my good self and another really nice photo that had been taken in our Art Classroom. Well done Jessica. You deserve all the praise and attention. I know that I and the rest of the Gleniffer Art Department, as well as Mr Nicholls (Head) himself are all very proud of you.


One thought on “A Busy Summer”

  1. Top TEN??
    Wow, I had no idea?!
    I’m sure you must be proud, Mr Dunlop, to know that one of the kids you taught got into the UK top 10.

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