The Meebo Chatterbox

Anyone interested in getting in touch with me can now use the Meebo Chatterbox on the bottom right hand panel. This is alongside commenting and/or emailing The Chatterbox lets you edit your nickname and type to me in real-time. So if you see that I’m online, I’ll be available to chat or you can ask whatever question or request you’d like. This app allows me to get feedback to you quicker than ever before, your messages are private and no others will be able to read what you’ve written.

Hopefully this will aid the site by allowing a more real-time instant chat. If it’s successful, I might change the interface to a group chat and turn this website into the new facebook… ‘artbook’, it sounds good doesn’t it?

If you plan to abuse this system I can just block your I.P address, which would block the app from your house or an entire network, so I wouldn’t be too ferocious if I were you.  It also censors curse words, so if you want to type “fun you” or “go fun yersel” that’s fine… pretty pointless though.

I had to delete Meebo as it was slowing down the loading of the blog. Some people had used it, but I’m sure it won’t be missed and there are enough methods to contact me already.

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