Need A Hand?


I have recently had the chance to look back at my past 3 years of Secondary School teaching and browse my way through most of the fantastic work that’s been produced in that time. Whether that be through photos or actual work that is on display in my home, there are a lot of pieces that, even I, can’t believe they were created by students rather than professionals. One of my favourite sketches of all time is the work below by Agnes (S3 from Notredame High).

Agnes had very fine slender fingers and so her beautifully sketched drawing of her hand reminded me of the work by Klimt or Schiele. She could not see the beauty in her style and found no great pleasure in drawing or Art in general, so it’s amazing that she had such an elegant style and observant eye. I had stored this piece inside an art book to keep it flat, so it was an absolute delight to re-discover it.

I will have to buy a nice thick black frame for it over the weekend and show it off on a wall like it deserves, but until then, I thought it would be apt to award it ‘Artwork of the Week’.


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