Another Gleniffer Film Making Club Music Video

This is the 2nd music video made by Gleniffer High School’s Film Making Club. Set to the local Paisley band The Alt‘s song ‘The Jazz Bastart’, the video is based around puppeteering and public television. Created to look lo-fi and punk, the visuals were inspired by the band’s raw, but active sound. Puppets and props were made out of cardboard and as little editing effects were used as possible to make a fun, interesting and quirky addition to the sound. The props took around 2 months to make (over many lunch breaks), while filming itself took place within a week. The video could have been edited with cleaner shots and made to look more believable, but it was decided that out-takes and mistakes should be inserted too, as well as obvious signs of hands and things going wrong to give the look a more carefree ‘whatever’ attitude. There are two distinctive scenes in the video; the first is the band playing on the moon, while the second is an American style Police chase. Again, it was decided that the visuals should not be so certain and each scene was mixed and matched.

Epileptics Beware! – This video has strobe effects in it.

One thought on “Another Gleniffer Film Making Club Music Video”

  1. If there’s anyone on from the Film Making Club, could you contact me please as I’ll need to arrange getting the DVDs to you. I’ll need you as my point of contact… Thanks.

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