Encased In Amber



I had the chance to sneak back into Gleniffer High School yesterday evening to look for the famously lost final piece by Chelsea B (more on this later in the week). While in school, I stumbled across another long lost piece that finally showed its face, the piece above by Amber T (S3 now S4).

Amber had been avoiding the completion of this piece for months, obsessing about little parts, while other large areas remained untouched, and having to complete this piece over the summer is no mean feat either, without a Teacher looming over her, it’s hard to find the drive to sit down and complete work.

So summer had passed and pupils returned to school and I had heard that this piece had still not shown up (possibly due to incompletion, though I don’t want to start any rumours). After some pushing Amber finally brought the piece back into school and I have to say, it was worth waiting for. Amber’s style is something that I have told her I like very much, there’s a freedom and confidence to it that would make me believe that anything she draws is important. Although a little inconsistent, it does show the extent of a person’s qualities and standards. While there are issues with the bottles (something that was completed in school), the box, the crystal heart and the reflections on the perfume lid are just spectacular (completed at home).

I do have one gripe; the folded crease along the middle of the piece, but it doesn’t take away from the skill involved. It is beautifully damaged, it’s very apt for Amber. She can produce beauty from carelessness, and that’s something that will annoy her peers.

I still ask myself though, ‘If Amber can do this with putting as little effort in as she possibly can, what could she do if she tried?!’, then I scare myself and try to dwell on something else…

17 thoughts on “Encased In Amber”

  1. I feel like I’m having deja vu here, it feels odd, someone was given a photo of my things to draw.. at first glance i thought it was mine :s .

  2. In a strange way I feel like someones stolen my picture, I cant look at it it’s too weird.

  3. Ha ha… I miss your ways Lyndsay. How did you get on with your marks anyway? Amber didn’t bring anything in and so ended up using your resources from 2 years ago. It’s not the worst thing in the world is it?

  4. Don’t know if you’re receiving updates about this Lyndsay, but your comments brought up several issues I’d been thinking about in Art & Design. Your still life drawing is also featured. Thanks for your input.

  5. I got an A,now tackling higher (portraiture).It’s just the fact the objects made it personal to you and now feels like that elements been taken away in a sense, but I’m not going to dwell on it, if I hadn’t seen it I would have been none the wiser. I’m still proud of my work.

  6. I have the same problems with my higher classes. It’s so hard to keep producing new resources year after year, especially ‘male orientated’ ones. Where does a woman go to get 300 different photos of x-boxs and sports equipment?

  7. Thanks, so weird seeing my final piece, feels like ages ago that I’d done it! Still waiting on the work back, hope it doesn’t get lost in the post…

  8. No problem. Thanks for bringing the whole thing to my attention. It’s the reason why I keep this blog going.
    I’m sure your piece will be fine, you probably won’t get the work back until around the end of September/end of October time. It’s all very vague.
    If I was you, when you get it back, measure it, go to Ikea or Habitat and get a nice frame for it. Show it off. (Ikea had massive frames (plastic instead of glass) that would house it for £1, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune).
    Right… I’m off to try and enjoy my weekend. You enjoy yours.

  9. I do understand were you’re coming from Lynsday, but that shouldn’t take anything away from the work you have created. They are your objects, so they’ll be closer and mean more to you than they did for Amber. It’s not as if anything has been changed. After all, ‘imitation is the greatest form of flattery’ and all that. Imagine when I’ve been in this job 20+ years and there’s 50 different versions of your still life? That should make you proud. Congrats on the results, I wouldn’t have expected anything less and thanks again for your input, and your resources… 🙂

  10. Hi Mr Dunlop. I see the website’s going well. How have you been? I take it Mrs Mclafferty told you about my final piece. I thought I had lost it but it ended up in beside all the rubbish behind the drawers she said, anyways, hope all is well. Chelsea.

  11. You obviously haven’t read or seen this Chelsea: https://theartclassroom.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/readers-of-the-lost-art/

    It was in with a load of Blank Brown Card. No idea how that happened… Obviously one of my clever filing systems… ha ha. Hopefully you can crop it and mount it. So glad you got in contact. I was worried that you were a nervous wreck. Many apologies for that. All sorted now though.
    I’ve been really good. The website really is taking off. Used to get around 5-10 visits a day and now it’s around 60-100, that must be a good thing.

  12. The final piece, believe it or not is still not finished Mr Dunlop, I’ve still a bit of work to the background & material behind the bottles! I don’t think this ‘ copying ‘ is an issue, Ms McLafferty is going to help me with the background & I’ll take a picture & send it through email when I’m finished! Thank you for being such a great teacher, Hope everything has been good. Amber.

  13. I know you will Amber, you do have an amazing skill. You were a bit resistant with me, though I know when it comes to it, you’ll pull it out of the bag. Really glad that you’re going to work into it a little. The stuff you completed at home blew me away. Really. I was so chuffed when I saw it. Hence the photo of it and ‘Artwork of the Week’.

    You’re also right about the ‘copying’ issue. There isn’t an issue. I wouldn’t even go as far to use that ‘C’ word, considering you didn’t even see Lyndsay’s piece. It started a nice debate on teacher resources though, which I had been thinking about that week. I think Lyndsay was just a bit shocked to see the photo that she used again. She’s not annoyed or anything, I suppose it’s like seeing someone wearing the same clothes to a party.

    I would love to see it finished, so if you can get a pic to me, it would be fantastic. I’d love to see your design when it’s coming together too.

    Oh… and you were a great (if a bit annoying) pupil too… he he.

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