Who needs Photoshop?

I’ve been trying to find a cheap and possible way of being able to teach a whole class Photoshop. Though as you know, Photoshop is quite expensive and trying to get licenses and access for pupils arranged is an absolute nightmare. So, it was great to find Pixlr.com, an online Photoshop Express. Of course, it isn’t exactly Photoshop, but for a free online editor, it’s as close to it as you could hope. Including filters, selection tools and even layers, Pixlr.com will let you upload an image, manipulate it and then save it back onto your hard drive again.


Below you will see how powerful the program can be. I’ve tried a quick portrait, giving it a modern illustrative style using the smudge tool and resizing the head. The introduction of a painterly background and imported script adds an air of importance to the image. If you try Pixlr, I would appreciate if you email me your image to see how you got on.

Picture 2The Pixlr workspace.

mekeanThe final image.

7 thoughts on “Who needs Photoshop?”

  1. Thanks Ola. It’s a really great app. Can I call it an app? Well, whatever the correct term for it, it’s a fabulous idea and it works so fluidly without crashing. So thank you for making it available.

  2. I WOULD use it, but for now Paint.NET and GI– uh, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (whew!) work fine for me.

    Hey, I know that you’re kind of into…well, pretty much everything, really :)… so there’s this music artist that you should really check out. His name’s Jonathan Coulton and he wrote the end song for Portal (what do you mean you’ve never played Portal?). Check out his songs “Code Monkey” and “The Future Soon”.

  3. He he… Of course I know Jonathan Coulton. I’m old Ross, not a recluse… Ha ha. I like ‘RE: Brains’… In fact, that’s on Rockband 2 now for download. They’ve also got a free track download he done with Glados. There’s a few guys that are very similar. Stephen Lynch is one of them. Then of course you have Flight of the Conchords, Sarah Silverman, Denis Leary, Lonely Island, Mighty Boosh, Monty Python, Adam & Joe, Chris Morris, Demetri Martin, Emo Phillips, Sandra Bernhard and Sean Cullen, who also write amazingly funny comedy songs. (I, like Frank Zappa, like my music to have humour in it) You’ve started me off on a preach now. Anyway… I’ll check those two tracks out. I’m also gonna try your software mentions too. Thanks.

  4. Ah, always good to see another listener of the great Coulton. Did you know that one year at PAX he performed Still Alive with Felicia Day? (I’m sure that you know about her. If not, she’s the lead actor and writer of the web series “The Guild”.)

  5. And for more good comedy music, definitely try The Amateur Transplants. Their music is kind of risqué but it’s brilliant. Finals Fantasy is possibly their best song. And don’t forget Wierd Al!

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