Braque Expressive Art Studies Resource

Yes, you’re right, I am too generous. I have decided to upload my Art Studies resources so that you may use them, change them, be influenced by them or laugh at them… your choice. I will upload one resource a day for the next week.

Today’s resource is for Intermediate Art though I’m sure it could quite easily be used for any class (age 13-18). A double page study of Braque’s life and technique, the resource should be used for Historical Expressive study. I have found it to be very successful due to it’s easy to learn time-line, it’s heavily worded, though easily explained word banks and its appealing layout.

Braque is an extremely interesting character, much more interesting than Picasso. It feels like Braque was the Picasso that could have been, the unlucky Picasso. It also amazes me that when it comes to Cubism, Picasso is the first artist who comes to mind, though Braque plays just as important a role in its creation.

The full two page PDF file can be downloaded from the Box section on the right and can be printed in colour or black and white, though colour would benefit the study of the painting; ‘Violin & Palette’.

A note: When teaching with this resource, I find it very helpful to get pupils to draw out the painting in their books, replicating each line and shape as closely as possible, them ask the class to identify what each item is. It’s strange how pupils fail to notice objects on first impression though after copying the painting, they start to notice the musical score, the curtain, the nail and the bow.

Braque Front

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