The Hungry Crocodile



This week’s ‘Artwork of the Week’ fell out of my diary yesterday. I’d forgotten that I had put it in there for safe keeping. A little too safe I guess.

I had shown S1 pupils how to make A4 folded books, a simple but effective way to self-publish by using a photocopier and a single side of a sheet of A4 paper. Kate M created this great little book in a period (50 mins). I liked the book so much I had to ask Kate if I could keep it. I placed the book inside my diary to keep it safe and only found it when I was looking back through it for an address. Enjoy.




10 thoughts on “The Hungry Crocodile”

  1. By the way, on every page load I get an error message about a flash script becoming slow and unresponsive and asking if I want to abort the script. Clicking Yes is the only way to continue.

  2. I think it’s something to do with the ‘Box’ widget that I use through WordPress Mr Gray. It’s the only thing that uses flash on the blog, though many people use it for downloading exemplars, so I do not wish to get rid of it. If you’ve stopped it loading previously, it will keep stalling the page load. I have found that if you clear your browser cache (In Firefox = Firefox> Preferences> Network> Clear Cache), it will solve the issue.

  3. No problem Mr Gray, if you’ve got any pupil work that you could send me for publication, I would be delighted to see it and review it. Thanks for your interest and your comments.

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