Emma’s Focus


The pupil spotlight focuses on the work of Emma F (now S3 from Glennifer). Emma’s work has always been extremely delicate and thoughtful. Her efforts are always pushed into finding detail and seeking perfection, though she somehow manages to speed through tasks.


Above Emma shows that she can get work done quickly and effectively with an expressive self portrait batik. This was early research for her ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ book cover. While below, Emma show’s her clean and intricate style for a Timorous Beasties inspired Dragonfly Wallpaper.

emma room

Emma is a very energetic artist. She has to be busy and really involved for the work to succeed. It can be incredibly tough to stay focused in a work and this type of intensity can lead to frustration or giving up when things don’t go as planned. Though usually she will step back, take some time out and then get straight back into meeting her own high expectations of herself.

I often say to pupils that drawing is very like swimming. When you put your head down and focus on your work you can often forget to breathe, an S1 pupil had mentioned this once in class and others in the class laughed. I totally understand what they mean though. When I focus on a piece of artwork, it’s like playing that game with the hoop around a piece of electrified long snaking wire, if the hoop touches the wire, it buzzes and you need to start all over again. The intense concentration you need to win that game is the same that you need to succeed at art.

Emma starts a drawing of a flower on artpad. Click to see a clear example of Emma’s focus and planning over at art.com’s artpad.

A lovely example of pattern that has been made with Mr Picassohead.

The Jekyll & Hyde book cover below was a favourite of mine. I really like the mixed fonts in the type, the expressive and surreal pastel and the fine graphic style of the pencil work.


These few S2 examples give an insight into the style and diversity of Emma’s talents. Unfortunately I am no longer teaching her, though I’m sure she is creating more artworks to a high standard for her Intermediate Qualification in S3.

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