Treasure In A Jewel Case

So I’ve posted a few examples of S1 CD design previously, though I’ve never actually posted the finished article.

A while back I took two S1 classes on a journey. We travelled through time exploring the history of music packaging and ended up staring at a future without any music packaging at all. We decided that it was an important aspect to music and that losing it only devalues music. By looking at the importance of music packaging and how it’s made, these few S1 pupils can see the effort and thought put into something that they took completely for granted.


The unit existed in three parts. The first part was the common animal pattern design. Pupils looked at four skin types; tiger fur, snake skin, fish scales and peacock feathers. These patterns would end up being the cover of the booklet, the back of the CD jewel case and the actual disc pattern.


The second section evolves around font selecting, cutting and and colouring. To keep a professional look, pupils worked with computer printed fonts and elements such as barcodes to make their design look more like a professional product. The pupils learned the reason for ‘bleeds’ and how a booklet and a case is made up.


The third part is slightly tougher to teach in Art class. Pupils had to come up with lyrics for an imaginary song on the album. Most pupils put words to a song they already knew, or they wrote a poem or rhyme. Some, like the ever talented Heather M even wrote a full song and sung it in front of the entire class. Her voice and ability to write melodies was absolutely amazing.

lyrics 1

This four page lyric sheet was then placed inside the pupils’ animal pattern cover and folded to create a CD booklet. The booklet was stapled by pupils, then the title was added. The back and spines were  scored, cut and placed inside the jewel case. The booklet was guillotined and the CD disc pattern was cut with a compass cutter (an actual CD was used as a stencil) . All this was done by the pupils themselves, some of them received help at cutting or stapling, though most can say that the work is 100% theirs (I typed the lyrics, though typeface choice and words were the pupils’ own) .

lyrics 2

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