Exquisite Corpse Halloween Monster Activity

halloween monsterThis is a perfect activity for S1 or S2 this week (aged 10 – 13). It involves getting pupils into groups of four. A pupil is selected to cut the page into four parts (the page can be printed on A4 though I find A3 is much easier to use). The four parts are split between each group member. Each pupil has to think of an idea for their body piece. The only rule is that the pupils meet the connect points at the edge of each body piece so that the monster will look right when joined together again.

After pupils have finished drawing and colouring (I use pencils, black fine-liners and colour felt tips), the pieces should be sticky taped together again and then compared and laughed at. This should be completed within a 50 min period. Happy Halloween!



The stencil for this activity can be downloaded from the ‘Box’ (bottom of the right hand column).

One thought on “Exquisite Corpse Halloween Monster Activity”

  1. He he!
    I love doing things like that!
    Me and my little brother were doing stuff like that today.
    He’s rubbish at art and that made it even funnier!

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