Perfect For Halloween – Pupil Horror Film

What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than to watch to the Pupil horror film, putting you in the mood for the weekend. You will never look at school or your classmates the same way again. (WARNING: Not suitable for young children, contains scary moments, flashing imagery and blood and gore)

3 thoughts on “Perfect For Halloween – Pupil Horror Film”

  1. Ah, this would be the sort of project that needs my gravelly dulcet tones and “psycho eyes”, as others have put it 😛

    Great work, I never knew Ally was involved in this before (don’t worry, I’m allowed to call him that, we’re friends :P)

  2. You’d be great in a thriller film Ross… you’d be a great red herring (the person that everyone thinks is the one, though ends up being innocent). Yeah ‘Ally’ came along for a while then left to never return. We then had to try and write him out, so cleverly used others and editing to dispose of him… he he.

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