Halloween always brings out the best in us. It’s a time that calls for creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. From the carving of the pumpkin, to the decorations and the costume, Halloween is a great time to show off your art skills. Below, a few fine examples of creepy art.


Above: Thanks to Mrs Techman for this image of one of her students as a barrel of slime.

Below: Ms McCartney below shows how to get rid of those pesky garden gnomes.


Below: Halloween doesn’t have to be creepy, it can be fun as well. The photo below (provided by Ms Ledingham) shows what you can do with a lamp-shade, some green fur and a whole lot of insulation… Oscar the grouch.


Below: “Who ordered the severed head?” (Ms Pritchard)



Below: I show off my skills at pumpkin carving and my gruesome costume ‘The Thing’.



Ross Death

Above: Ross B provides an excellent little digital sketch of the Grim Reaper.

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