Primary Examples Of WWII Animations

This week I’ve had the chance to work with a group of enthusiastic Primary School Teaching Students. Their project of work involves making an exemplar World War II animation aimed towards P7 pupils and to arrange a unit of work around it for teaching in class.

It’s interesting to see the differences between the Primary and Secondary levels in teaching. Secondary School Teachers are required to be specific and a master in their field, Primary Teachers are required to be good at everything, which can be stressful, I’m sure. So, I was surprised at the overall standard of artistic skill among the teachers.


Above, a train collage is trimmed from sugar paper, details are added with a fine black pen. Below, a queuing man is sculpted in plastercine, storyboarding panels can be seen behind the figure.



Above, a well dressed girl is created from a pipe cleaners wire frame surrounded by modelling clay. Below, a similarly dressed girl is created from the top down.


Below, Two great examples of background creation using printouts and paints.



These were elements created within a 3 hour crash course to stop animation, they are aimed towards a primary level and remain unfinished, though the storyboards, characters and scenery being developed looks very promising and I can’t wait to see the next stages.

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