12 thoughts on “Class Visits”

  1. Yay (: remember getting told to have a look and now I love it (: had my artwork on it too! I also love the mobile site. Now I can browse on my iPhone without screwing up my eyes. Well done Mr. Dunlop!

  2. Thanks John, it has been a labour of love. I’d love to say it was so very easy and took no effort… I’d be lying… ha ha.

  3. Do you work at St. Benedicts now? Miss Smillie got cut back the same as you and had to go there so your not alone(:

  4. I’m only there for the week John, I met Miss Smillie on Monday, it was really nice to see her again. I think we were both happy that we weren’t alone in a strange place. I’ll be at Glasgow Uni next week tutoring Primary School Teachers. I’m all over the place at the minute… 🙂
    How’s everything going for you? How’s the design sheets coming on? I really miss your class, it’s not nice having to leave you half way through.

  5. Aw(: Yeah, Mrs McLafferty is off just now and we are on the samples (: It’s weird cause our teacher just now is telling us to make our sheets and everyone is clueless, as you did everyone’s. (: Hope everything is going well for you. (: I admit the design part is very fiddly and hard to make your work the way you want it! Yeah our class miss you too, we always refer to how good you were. (:

  6. Oh dear… Thrown into the deep end, eh? ha ha…

    I’m sure you will all manage. You managed to frame work and you trimmed your work… You made the backgrounds. I’m sure you don’t use spray glue, though, there’s not much to gluing something down. I don’t know what else there is to learn John?! I guess the layout, but everyone’s layout will be different depending on what you’re working with. Just make sure it’s stuck down well. What are you designing? What resources and inspiration are you using?

  7. Yeah, the glue gets all over me. I’m sure its just cause I prefer drawing something I see instead of creating something? And an awful lot of going looking for resources. Well, Mrs McLafferty wanted us to design a tie but Ms O’Higgins and Miss MacDonald modified it so that it was good for males and females? So now its a scarf but people can still do a tie although nobody has. Yeah, it looks a mess once the end of the period and stuff but on your sheets and things they look fantastic:)! So I’m just going for it and seeing what things look like and coming up regularly at lunch which is weird cause I never used to do that. We’re using loads of resources like the boxes at the sinks? And also the wee container with beads sequins etc. I think its fun still but just hard work!

  8. I thought you were fabulous at making John. I’m still in love with your Matisse Cow… I know you’re good at this stuff. Get messy, get experimental… something good will happen.

  9. Aw now that’s upped my confidence! I still have it pride of place in my room(: I think I should takes photos of my 1st sheet just to show you what’s it’s like plus my wee samples(:

  10. I would love to see some examples of your design work John. You know me… too nosey… ha ha. If you can, email them to me.

  11. Sure will, but might take a while since I have my prelims next week! Oh no very hard. Yeah, when I’m not in a prelim, I shall walk in and get my art folder.

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