Scottish Graffiti


Gary M (S4) did not enjoy Intermediate Art, he was expecting an easier course and did not keep his interest and enthusiasm for the subject. After deciding that the course was not for him, he had a lot of spare time on his hands, so instead of wasting it, he decided that he would try and create works around his interest; Graffiti. He spent a lot of time making stencils and using paint and toothbrushes to simulate spray paint. He also brought in some drawings from home. These drawings were scanned and placed into photoshop to arrange them onto wall backgrounds. This method allows you to produce graffiti effects without actually having to damage property.



2 thoughts on “Scottish Graffiti”

  1. That’s really cool, but at first I thought the bench said “street art is gay” and was quite sad.

  2. It’s because the type is so small Rachel, It’s actually a felt tip drawing on a page that’s been scanned and messed around with in Photoshop.

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