The Tree

Currently working with the Primary Teaching Students, they have chosen their animation ideas and are now developing those ideas into something concrete. Ms Beattie is working on the idea of a growing tree that gets destroyed through harmful human acts. The tree is a symbol for world harmony. Ms Beattie’s ideas were great, though may be too large to complete in the short time that she has. I took a little time out to animate an example of how I would tackle her animation to let her and others see that ideas can be laid down quickly and effectively. Stop animation does not necessarily have to take a long time for it to be attractive and successful.

2 thoughts on “The Tree”

  1. I’m now viewing this on my new iPhone and it looks amazing. Well done. The blog is fantastic, I keep on thinking you’ll give it up, but you end up coming up with new stuff.
    Love the 3D photos even though I don’t have glasses to view them, I’m sure they are great.
    Lovely watercolours on the tree drawings. The animation is a bit stuttery and short.

  2. Hm. For a look at the best stop-motion I have ever seen, look for a user named “mamshmam” on YouTube. He runs all of his movies at 24fps, so they move realistically. It takes him ages to create one, though, and the clay he uses is only available in Australia.

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