Camille Rose Garcia

This new feature will start off with one of my favourite artists of all time, Camille Rose Garcia. Garcia’s work is strongly influenced by many other artists I follow and admire such as Gary Baseman, Al Columbia and Walt Disney. Her work centres around creepy cartoon girls and animals (mainly birds and octopi), her backgrounds are often coloured drips of sickly ice-cream tones.

Garcia has released several art books including childrens’ picture books (she’s currently working on Alice in Wonderland for Harper Collins). She has also created vinyl dolls and hand-made cloth dolls.

Her work usually combines cute creatures with other controversial subjects such as drugs, jealousy and death. Originating from Los Angeles, Garcia decided to take the ‘Low Brow’ approach to art. She shunned the elite circles of pretentious art and worked on comic style works, usually ending up with a kitsch, cheap looking, naive image.

Garcia’s new exhibition, ‘The Hydra of Babylon’, focuses on an under-water theme and the addition of vultures, sea monsters and weird butterflies. She also hand-made several dolls for the show through her one woman factory ‘Pitco’.

Garcia’s work can be found around the net when googled, though her main website for those who are interested lies here:

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