Solar Powered

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find an Artwork of the Week this week, then was shown a nice idea by a Higher student at Castlehead High. Laura K has been working on her Lighting Design Unit for her Higher.

Under the supervision of Mr Meek, Laura has been able to make a model of a lighting idea for a brief aimed towards the Glasgow Science Centre. She aims to design the solar system influenced lighting structure for the Atrium on the ground floor. I was speaking to Laura and asked her would it be possible to manipulate her model into a photo of the atrium to actually see it in situe. Laura was not familiar with Photoshop, so I asked her if it would be O.K. to try and compose it myself.

Laura’s idea is not concrete and may change to incorporate a surface on the globe or glowing rods instead of the metal wire, though the featured pictures will give you an idea of her intentions.

Below is the composed image of Laura’s lighting idea in its larger scale above the cafe in the Science Centre and her original model for comparison.

One thought on “Solar Powered”

  1. That is an absolutely fantastic idea. It looks so at home in the cafe, and the execution is great too. If the objects inside aren’t moving, I heard of something called EL wire: a wire that lights up like a neon strip when an electrical charge is passed through it. Maybe if it was twined round a hoop it would lend itself to Saturn or Uranus’ rings?

    I don’t know where to get it or how much it costs, but it’s just a little idea. Give Miss K my compliments 🙂

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