Popular Pop-Up Poplar

Well it’s X-mas time again and although I’m not a huge fan of X-mas units, I did give some S1 pupils (Castlehead) the chance to make a Pop-Up X-mas tree card. The idea is a popular one, though I decided to Photoshop my own own stencil.

Above Andrew T adds colour to his sketch of parcels, his tree is finely decorated with contrasting red tinsel and baubles, while below Joanne S decides on the placement of her ‘Merry X-mas’ tag.

Below Rachel J above shows off her fine detailing on the pine texture and delicate baubles.

The stencil for the X-mas Tree Pop-Up Card can be downloaded from ‘The Box’ at the bottom of the right-hand column. There are four main pointers for making the card, listed below:

1. Trace the outline of the stencil onto thicker cartridge paper.

2. Fold the paper/card into four (in half horizontally and in half vertically)

3. Cut through the bold lines (the bottom of the tree layers).

4. Score the dotted lines (the sides of the tree layers).

Press out the layers while folding the card and you have a pop-up card ready for colouring.

Merry Xmas.

2 thoughts on “Popular Pop-Up Poplar”

  1. Sir… Allanah Reilly here from Castlehead, you have got Joanne and Rachel the wrong way about, can you please change it?


    Allanah Reillyy x

  2. I will do Allanah, thanks so much for letting me know. I must’ve mixed the list of names up when I was matching them to the photographs. Have a great X-mas!

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